McMINNVILLE, Ore. -- A cow was rescued from a swimming pool at a home near McMinnville Friday morning, fire officials said.

The cow apparently got loose, walked through a gate and fell into the pool at 13104 NW Willis Road.

When firefighters arrived they found that the homeowner had corralled the cow into the shallow side of the pool to keep it from drowning. He had also built a make-shift ramp from wood to try and get the cow out of the pool.

Firefighters connected straps around the cow's neck and looped ropes behind the cow while the owners used food to try to coax the cow up the ramp.

Once the cow was about half way up it slipped on to its side and everyone grabbed on and pulled the cow up the rest of the way.

It took about 15 minutes from the time the fire department arrival to get the cow to safety.

The cow was exhausted but uninjured. It was able to walk back to the barn after the rescue.

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