SHELTON, Wash. -- A great-grandmother was trapped in her car for nearly an hour, surrounded by downed power lines. A passing train got snagged on the lines Thursday, pulling down several power poles. But the Shelton woman trapped says she's fine, thanks to a lesson learned decades ago.

A Simpson Lumber train snagged a bunch of utility lines near 8th Street and Cota Street around 10:20 a.m., pulling down five power poles.

But Nelda Flint, who was trapped in the car, wasn't worried.

By golly, it was no problem at all, said Flint.

She was waiting for the train to pass and watch it get hung up.

I could it see it, I could hear it when wires started going all over the place, she said.

Including all over her car.

They weren't on the hood, but they were up over the top of the car.

Rather than panic, Flint remember what her husband, Wilbur, used to tell her before he passed away 20 years ago.

My husband used to work for the PUD, so he told me if you ever have that happen, stay in the car. So I did, she said.

Rubber tires keep a car grounded and safe as long as those surrounded by the downed wires stay put until crews can shut off power.

Flint had to wait until about 45 minutes to get rescued. She admits she enjoyed being in the middle of something so exciting.

I had a latte to drink, so I was happy. Ha ha ha, said she said. I'm fine. Just fine.

No was was hurt in the incident. The biggest casualty: an afternoon with no lights for about 400 homes in the neighborhood.

The Mason County Public Utilities District said just about the customers were back on line by Friday morning.

KING 5's Drew Mikkelsen contributed to this report.

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