KING 5's Glenn Farley and Jake Whittenberg sat down with an exclusive panel of machinists. They agreed to talk about their decision to reject a proposed Boeing contract and what it would take for both sides to return to the bargaining table. This discussion comes one day before Boeing's deadline for proposals from other states vying for production of the 777X airplane.

Their opinions are their own. You may agree or disagree. This is a window into what's being said by members of the union.

The panel consists of Boeing employees and one former employee who all provide prospective on what their decision means for them and the entire Puget Sound region.

An extended 45 minute discussion is posted here. Tune in to KING 5 News for more coverage.

Who are we talking to?

Dan Erskine - 10 years with Boeing. He worked 5 years in the Renton plant and was laid off in 2007. Dan returned in 2008 and now works on the 787 in Everett.

Roger Walker - 14 years with Boeing. Now works as a Flight Line Mechanic on the 787 in Everett. Roger worked on the very first 787 Dreamliner airplane. He is a licensed pilot and an Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic.

Dan Swank - Union steward. 18 years with Boeing. Pre-flight and delivery on 787 flightline. . Dan also worked on the first 787 Dreamliner. He's also a licensed Airframe & Powerplant mechanic.

Phil Voyk - 11 years with Boeing. Now works on 787 Flight Line.

Sarah Boumgardner - Union steward. 3 years with Boeing. 787 Fuel Tank Mechanic.

Harry Bouche - 20 years with Boeing. 1 year from retirement. Started as a Plaster Pattern Maker and was laid off in 1999. He back and works in Tukwila on tooling.

Jack Mathew - Retired. Worked as a machinist for 24 years as an overhead crane operator in Everett.

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