SEATTLE -- Seattle police say detectives arrested a 32-year-old Renton man Tuesday as a suspect in the shooting death of a woman on the Burke Gilman biking and walking trail.

Police say they arrested the man after a lengthy investigation. A King County judge held him, after a short hearing, on a $1 million dollar bail. He's accused of killing 26-year-old Jowanna Gooden of Renton back on October 4th.

Detectives say they gathered a beer can near her body, which matched the brand that was stored at her apartment. Neighbors also told police they had noticed a man in a Crown Victoria car who had been seen in the area. That car was registered a convicted felon. Police interviewed him, and say he admitted to meeting Gooden that night at a bar, and taking her to Gasworks Park, later shooting her at close range.

Gooden's Sister, LaQuanna, was at the court hearing Wednesday. (I'm feeling blessed that they have found this individual that committed this henious crime, and took my sister away from us. But there is also a lot of hurt inside, because she is not here today.

I hope that god has mercy on his soul, it's just really sad, said LaQuanna.

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