OLYMPIA, Wash. - State invevstigators are looking into who wants to grow, process or sell pot.

Applicants have until December 19 to apply for arecreational marijuana license under Initiative 502.

Since Monday, the state had received 720 applications online. But only 585 were properly completed, according to a Department of Revenue spokesperson.

The state's 14 new marijuana license investigators first have to determine if the applicant's business locationis more than 1000 feet from schools, parks or other locations where minors may gather.

The investigators use mapping software to determine if the potential locations are going to work.

Jeff Gilmore's Tenino location passed the initial test, but he knows he will have to clear several hurdles before he can plant any marijuana seeds, at least legally.

Gilmore said he's been growing pot for decades.

I've never had a day job, said Gilmore.

Gilmore won't be able to grow pot in his garage anymore. He is building a free-standing building on his farm.

To comply with state regulations, he is wiring the facility for security cameras and alarms.

If he gets a license, Gilmore will have to pay $400 a month to have every pot plant documented.

For me it is worth it, said Gilmore. Just to say I was right, you were wrong.

Gilmore got a two-year prison sentence for selling marijuana in Thurston County in the 1990's.

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