Teresa Seling runs the only Outstanding Bengal Cattery in the Northwest. Kim Holcomb just couldn't resist making a visit. Just prepare yourselves for an excess amount of cuteness.

The question in Seling's house isn't where are the cats? Instead, the question is Where aren't they?

Seling likes to say she shares her home with four cats. Four here, four there, and four over there.

She is an unlikely, self-proclaimed crazy cat lady.

Yeah, totally. I never saw me doing this, it's absolutely crazy, Seling said.

Her career for years was in sales and marketing, but then she did a 180. Now she runs the only Outstanding Bengal Cattery as designated by the International Cat Association.

Seling breeds designer felines that sell for an average of $1,600.

This is a man-made cat. It originated from the Asian leopard cat, which is a wild ancestor that started this all, said Seling, adding, So we're trying to pull in the domestic qualities that make it a good house pet, but yet keep the wild qualities that keep it really interesting and safari-like.

When you take a tour of the cattery, you often have to pause and take a moment to absorb all the cute.

Outside the house are what amount to cat condos, with indoor and outdoor spaces for cats to roam, complete with heated beds and a cat wheel.

It may not be what Teresa ever saw herself doing but now she can't imagine anything else.

Work and home are one and the same at her cattery on Tiger Mountain.

I get to give people this animal, this beautiful little creature, and provide love, she said.

I love it, and it makes me happier. I'm a happy person by doing this, added Seling.

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