SEATTLE You ve probably heard coaches say they don t care about rankings, and take wins one game at a time.

But for University of Washington Head Football Coach Steve Sarkisian and WSU's Mike Leach, every win this year could mean big bucks.

KING5 obtained Sarkisian s contract, as well as WSU s Leach, through a public disclosure request.The two men are the highest paid state employees, and have lucrative perks as well.

Sarkisian is in the third year of a five year deal signed back on January 21st of 2011.

It shows the Dawgs top man has an incentive to break through the seven win barrier.The Huskies have finished with seven wins the last three seasons.They are 5-3 during the 2013 campaign.

The contract gives Sarkisian a $50,000 bonus if he gets 8 wins this year, and a $75,000 bonus if the Huskies were to win out and get to the 9 win plateau.He could have received a $150,000 bonus if the team was to win 12 games.

Those bonuses are on top of an already guaranteed $2,400,000 in compensation for the 2013 season.Sarkisian gets a base salary of $420,000, and $700,000 regular media compensation .The contract also calls for Sarkisian to make a minimum of three personal appearances of behalf of Nike and additional appearances for other sponsors.Nike founder Phil Knight is a big supporter of UW s rival Oregon Duck football program. Sarkisian s deal calls for him to get $650,000 for those personal appearances, and another $630,000 for speaking and other representation.

There are other perks:

The UW gives Sarkisian a housing allowance of $150,000 a year, and pays the cost of family travel to away games. The contract also calls for the UW to provide Sarkisian two courtesy cars, membership in the Seattle Yacht Club, and another country club if he so desires.

Sarkisian s deal calls for him to get a $150,000 bonus if the team plays in a Non-BCS bowl game.He received the bonus last year after the Huskies played in the Las Vegas Bowl.He would earn as much as $500,000 if UW won the national championship.

The Coach is also due a bonus if the team is ranked in the Top 20 of the final BCS Standings.The Huskies were in contention for that designation earlier in the season.If the team finished there, he would receive another $50,000 bonus.It bumps to $75,000 for a Top 15 ranking, and $100,000 for the TopTen.If he s Pac-12 coach of the year, UW pays him another $25,000.

There are academic incentives as well.Sarkisian would be paid $125,000 if the graduation rate for his team is equal to or greater than 80%.He would receive another $125,000 if the Academic Progress Rate hits 970.

There has been rampant speculation that Sarkisian, who coached at USC, could be a candidate for their head coaching position, or potentially a position in the NFL.The contract stipulates, that if after this year, he was to leave UW, Sarkisian would have to pay the University $1,500,000.The number drops by half a million dollars each consective year of the deal.

The UW s Assistant Coach, and Defensive Coordinator Justin Wilcox is also highly compensated for his duties.

Wilcox, who was credited with improving the UW defense last season, signed a one year extension in March of this year, according to documents furnished by the University.He ll be paid just over $800,000 this season.

Wilcox gets a $10,000 bonus for an Alamo or Holiday Bowl appearance, and $25,000 for winning a national championship.

He also gets a Courtesy Car and Country Club Membership.Wilcox would not have to pay the UW a dime if he was to leave for a Head Coaching position elsewhere.

Washington State University signed Mike Leach to its most lucrative deal ever, back in October of last year, according to documents released by WSU.

WSU agreed to pay Leach a base salary of $2,000,000, another $100,000 for media compensation and another $150,000 for appearances and consultation. But Leach gets more than just that $2,250,000 a year.

WSU agreed to provide him first class business upgrades when he travels.

Leach also gets two donated vehicles on a loan basis, or a stipend for cars of up to $6,200 a year.WSU also agreed to provide Leach with a 18-seat Suite, plus an additional 20 tickets to each home game.Leach gets 150 tickets for all away games.WSU also pays for a club membership.

WSU agreed to pay Leach $25,000 bonus for an Apple Cup win, and he was awarded that last season.Washington State also agreed to pay bonuses to Leach for a Non-BCS Bowl Game ($75,000), and at least $50,000 for a top 25 finish.The University, unlike UW, only agreed to a small bonus of $25,000 if the team finishes Top in the Pac 12 in Academic Achievement.Leach would have to pay $1,800,000 if he was to leave WSU before the end of the year.The number drops to $1,350,000 after the 1st of the year.

The salaries are paid for by athletic department revenues, and do not come out of University general funds. The Pac-12's television contract, signed last year, guaranteed member schools at least $21 million dollars a year.Both UW and WSUhave used some of the money to help fund stadium renovations.

Steve Sarkisian & Justin Wilcox contracts by KING 5 News

Mike Leach contract by KING 5 News

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