King County is preparing emergency measures to prevent the White River from flooding the city of Pacific.

New data suggests the White River is in danger of toppling its banks again, similar to a devastating flood in 2009. Scientists say the river is filling with gravel and sediment, forcing the river bottom to elevate, thus increasing the threat of floods with the rainy season now upon us.

Over the next few weeks, 3,000 feet of temporary barriers will be installed along three sections of the White River that are prone to flooding.

The Army Corps of Engineers is providing the barriers at no cost to the city of Pacific. The King County Flood District has authorized the use of up to $425,000 to install and fill them with sand.

Pacific is coordinating outreach to its citizens and will host a public meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Pacific Gymnasium, 205 Milwaukee Blvd. S.

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