SEATTLE, Wash.-- Construction projects are underway at several Seattle schools to make the buildings safer during an earthquake.

Crews are making several modifications to Van Asselt Elementary School. The district repaired the roof and added steel cross beams inside the cafeteria.

Basically, what it does is re-enforce the walls so when you have lateral movement in a seismic event the walls aren't actually going to deteriorate and crumble, said project manager Paul Wight.

Seattle Public Schools received a grant to repair Van Asselt, Louisa Boren, and John Marshall. Through the $694.9 million Building Excellence IV Capital Levy, earthquake safety work will be completed for at least 34 schools from 2013-to-2020, according to the district. A district official said there will also be 17 other major projects.

All of our buildings in the past 20 years have had seismic upgrades and as the Seattle building code changes then we continue to improve, said district spokesman Tom Redman.

During the 2001 Nisqually earthquake, Redman said there wasn t any major structural damage to any district school.

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