LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- All his life Charles Harbaugh knew he was adopted and had a younger sister, Faith.

This month he learned something else: He has three other living siblings.

It s a whole different life, said Harbaugh.

This summer a friend identified three siblings Harbaugh s didn't know he had. He then found out the name of his birth parents and his birth name: Charles McDonaldson, III.

That name helped him track down three siblings he never knew he had, including Karen Sites.
Sites had been looking for her baby brother and sister who were mysteriously adopted out of the family in 1965.

At first she didn t believe the person who wrote her an email claiming to be her long-lost brother.
She asked him what his nickname was.

He told her it was Rusty.

Oh my God, said Sites. Something just clicked. That s him!

While his last name was different, the nickname Rusty had stuck from his birth parents to the adoptive ones.

Because my hair looked like a rusted nail, said Harbaugh.

The 53-year-old has more silver than rust in his hair now.

He s trying to raise money to fly to Virginia for a family reunion. Harbaugh, a retired veteran is broke and living in Section 8 housing. He blames his inability to find work on the fact he s blind in his left eye following a workplace injury.

I ve had a real hard, rough life, said Harbaugh.

If you would like to help the McDonaldson family reunite, they've set up a link for donations on PayPay. Find that link and more information on their McDonaldson Reunion Facebook page.

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