BELLEVUE -- The day starts early at the Seattle Humane Society. Employees and volunteers clean out cages and stalls.

With some 300 adoptable dogs along with dozens of cats, it's a lot of work.

We have one of the highest adoptable rates in the country, we save more than 6,000 animals a year, said Amanda Walde from Seattle Humane Society.

The shelter takes in animals from all over the state.

We'll pick up dogs from the eastern part of the state twice a week, we even take animals from as far away as California, said Rhonda Manville, vice president of Marketing.

This kind of dedication and commitment costs money. This weekend the non-profit is holding one of its biggest fundraising events: Fido Fest.

Participants bring their leashed dogs and walk an easy two mile loop around University Village, Manville said.

After the walk, information booths, activities and adoptions are set up at the Village.
It's so much fun, the dogs and their owners really have a good time, added Manville.

The money raised helps keep the adoption center in operation.

The event is Sunday, Sept. 22, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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