At some point, you've probably come across someone like Stephen Tully, today canvassing the streets of downtown Kent.

It's a little Shiba Inu. Have you seen this little dog?

You've seen fliers posted - Missing: small dog, brown and white, 20 pounds, curly tail.

But Ezzy the Shiba Inu isn't just any lost dog. It's Stephen Tully's daughter's dog. For Jasmyn Tully loved animals. Ezzy was her dog-- it was a part of her. And that, now more than ever, makes Ezzy part of Stepen.

It's my last tie to Jasmyn, said Stephen Tully.

Jasmyn was 17 when a boy she knew strangled and stabbed her to death in March of 2012. She was Stephen Tully's only child. The daughter he raised when her mother died.

This dog was very important to my daughter and I feel like if I lose this dog I've kinda lost something that was part of my daughter.

Stephen says he left the dog with friends a few weeks back while he was out of town on business. She'd been outside in the fenced-in yard, harnessed and tethered; 15 minutes later, she was gone.

When they came out there was nothing but the harness left and the cable was still there. But no dog, said Tully.

So for the past three weeks Stephen has put his life on hold-- searching for one very important part of it. Checking every park. Posting fliers. Hitting all the high traffic areas. And explaining over and over again why this your run-of-the-mill lost dog story.

She died at 17, Tully explained to a group of young men waiting for the bus. And this is all I've got. When I hang on to this dog, that's my daughter.

Tully has already lost who he calls, his everything. He can't bear to lose anything else.

I've almost given up hope, you know. But she's so important to me. Someone knows something.

Tully has received several tips but none have panned out. He also checks animal shelters daily but there's been no sign of Ezzy, alive or dead. The dog was last seen near E. Smith and Temperance Avenue in Kent about three weeks ago. If you have any information, please call (425) 281-0329.

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