For $60 per hour, a Portland woman will be the big spoon or the littler spoon -- whatever her client prefers.

Samantha Hess doesn't offer any services other than cuddling.

The former personal trainer offers 30 minute sessions, an hour, even overnight.

Everyone needs touch. It's 100 percent necessary for us to thrive. And as adults there's a lot of inconsistencies in the touch we receive. I'm here to help fill in those gaps, Hess says.

Etienne Illige-Saucier is one of Hess' first clients.

Everyone has a need for somebody to pay attention to them and focus on them for a minute, and especially in a positive way, Illige-Saucier said.

Some of Hess' clients suffer from depression.

I love what I do, Hess said. I get to make people feel good every day.

And Illige-Saucier doesn't mind paying for a little me time.

Because you paid for it, you're not worried about what she's getting out of it. You're not worried about what she's going to be expecting tomorrow. Your time has been paid for, said Illige-Saucier.

Ultimately I want this to be nationwide. I want to bring it everywhere across the country, Hess said. I want to have retail locations where people can go on their lunch break before work. On their way home. Go get a 15-minute cuddle session in. How much better is your day going to be?

Samantha Hess is making the world a little friendlier one hug at a time.

You can hire a professional cuddler. And check out Samantha's personalized playlist of cuddling songs.

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