King County Sheriff's detectives say it was a rare moment in their careers: returning stolen items to victims in nearly 80 burglary cases.

Detectives unpacked all the loot at Sammamish City Hall -- more than 7000 stolen items -- including pill bottles, weapons, watches, and jewelry. One table had bags of gold and silver goods the thieves pawned in a shop for $23,000.

A lot of stuff, said Detective Larry Zydek. It's by far the biggest thing we've ever done.

They recovered the goods from a storage locker after arresting a pair of thieves accused of 79 burglaries from Marysville to Oregon.

Detectives identified the victims from police reports, the names on the documents found with the stolen property, and by posting photos of the items online.

One of the suspects, Steve Tipton, faces three counts of burglary. Police believe his girlfriend is his accomplice, but she has not been charged yet.

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