SPOKANE, Wash.--A local girl is looking for help in making her invention a household product. The creation, iCPooch, allows pet owners on the go video chat with their dogs.

Wednesday on KREM 2 News at 6:00, see the invention that is starting to get national attention.

Brooke Martin, 13, wanted to invent a way to always be connected to her best friend. She said he dog, Kayla, had separation anxiety and would whine when she left home. Kayla s anxiety fueled the idea to create iCPooch.

Martin said iCPooch is a combination of Skype and a vending machine.

I was kind of just thinking... it would be cool if you could video chat with your dog, said Martin.

She said all you need is a smartphone or tablet to operate iCPooch. The invention also allows users to give their dog a treat at the push of a button.

Martin and her iCPooch team created a KICKSTARTER campaign to help get prototypes onto store shelves. The campaign aims to raise $70,000 by October.

The goal is to really make this affordable to the consumer at a retail price of around $169, added Martin. In order to do that, we have to really mass produce the parts, cost effectively do that.


Martin s idea seems to be catching on. Her creations was featured Wednesday on Yahoo s homepage.

It's so cool, added the teenager. It's unbelievable, I would have never thought that we would have come this far with just an idea I had for an 8th grade project.

Martin was also selected as a top-ten finalist in a national challenge for young scientists.

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