Everyone has a favorite teacher that inspired them, but a lucky group of fifth graders at Pine Tree Elementary in Kent have one that rises above the rest.

Their teacher, Jeromie Heath, is a finalist for People Magazine s Teacher of the Year.

His classes are different than most in a few ways: no textbooks (he s turned the information into games), room decorations that correspond with lesson plans (students are encouraged to dress up to match), and he also has written poetry and created music videos as a way to make science and math more interesting.

Most times I don t like going to school, but he actually makes me want to go, said student Taylor Hopper. When I was on vacation I actually missed school.

Voting for People Magazine s Teacher of the Year runs until September 5. You can vote for Mr. Heath on the People Magazine Teacher of the Year webpage.

The winner finds out September 16, and receive $4,000 for their school and $1,000 for themselves.

Many of Heath's math and science educational songs, like Science Rules and Electricty and Energy, are posted on his YouTube channel. You can watch them all on his YouTube Channel.

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