FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- When Stephen Cramer received a $210 photo ticket in the mail for allegedly going eight miles per hour over the posted 20 mile per hour speed limit, he told City Hall 'not so fast.'

According to the ticket, Cramer was speeding through a marked school zone in May. It happened on 21st Avenue SW which is a heavy traffic area in the city of Federal Way.

The camera enforcement in this school zone is important to enforcing the law, said city spokesperson Chris Carrel.

But the city has the law wrong, according to Cramer.

I thought that is really, really far away from where a school zone should be, said Cramer.

He did the math and found the school zone is more than a 1,000 feet away from where students attend Saghalie Middle School. Cramer made a map and checked state law.

You have a statute that says the school zone can only be 300 feet from the border of the school, he said.

Cramer brought his findings before a judge this month, and the case was dismissed.

A judge agreed based on the wrong section of the law, said Carrel.

Carrel points to another section of the same statute where it states, a school zone can be within 300 feet of either side of a marked crosswalk.

Carrel said the crosswalk in question has been designated by the school district as a safe walking route since so many students use it to get to campus. The city said the designation makes the photo enforced school zone legal.

Cramer disagrees. He told King 5, he s done his homework and has the dismissed ticket to prove it.

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