At least 60 people were killed in Cairo Friday after protesters jumped from a bridge to get away from gunfire. Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi used a wire cable to get off the bridge to avoid being shot, bringing the death toll to more than 600 since the turmoil started.

The violence has Egyptian-Americans in Western Washington worried their relatives are next. More than a hundred rallied in Downtown Bellevue Friday night calling for peace.

It s not right to kill people, said a protester.

Hatim Aiad just returned from Egypt last week.

It s very uncomfortable sitting on the other side of the world seeing your relatives and your people get killed, said Aiad.

The Issaquah resident has had two friends killed in the violence.

I hate to see the TV right now because I m expecting blood, he said.

A phone call from a friend is what he feared. Aiad learns of innocent people shot in the head, massacred in mosques and lined up in body bags.

Why is there a blood bath there? Why? said Aiad. Our taxes should not go to a people that are killing their own people, said a protester.

Like others, Hatim is angered by President Obama s lack of action. While the U.S. has canceled military exercises with Egypt, the President hasn t cut off $1.3 billion in annual military aid to the country.

My money is used against my family, I don t think it s humanity to support a killer, said Aiad.

Aiad and other local Egyptian-Americans are calling for the coup to end.

This needs to end today rather than tomorrow, said Aiad.

Another demonstration is planned in two weeks.

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