As the smoke dissipates in Malaga, residents in the Colockum Tarps fire are assessing their losses.

Diane Graves feeds two of her friend's horses she rescued in the fire. She, herself, lost hundreds of acres of pasture. She says her neighbors lost their barns and all their hay inside.

We lost 300 acres of pasture land, due to the fire, that means we ll have to buy hay from now until springtime when the grass grows, said Graves.

Graves organized a fundraiser on Facebook to help all the ranchers in her neighborhood feed their animals. Town Toyota in Wenatchee donated 500 dollars to the cause on Wednesday.

I got to view it the morning after, certainly we need all the help we can get out there right now, saidCary Condotta of Town Auto Group.

They're not the only ones getting help.

Dean and Kandae Laymance fled their house with the clothes they were wearing and their car. When they returned to their home, they found a burned wreckage of what was once their home and their life.

It was devastating, it was like a moonscape you could hardly recognize it, said Kandae Laymance.

Their pastor at Stemilt Hill Community Church is now helping collect clothing for families who lost their homes, and the church gave the Laymances some money to get by temporarily.

When somebody cares, it makes a difference in their life, said Pastor Gordy Goodwin.

The Colockum Tarpiscan Help/Donation Page on Facebook has more information on how to help the victims

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