BLAINE, Wash. -- Several of the cars at the very busy border crossing at Blaine have dogs on board. Dog owners say they pack their pups and their passports and head north on the Fourth of July.

We're going to Canada to avoid the fireworks for my dog, said Marianne Thomas, pointing to the back seat where Bear the black lab was sticking his head out the window. He goes nuts.

That's very common, say veterinarians. Even dogs that have been through several Fourth of July holidays can freak out when the bottle rockets start flying. Some dogs get lost after bolting from their yards or wriggling off the leash in a panic.

More and more dog owners are finding peace in Canada where the Fourth of the July is just another summer day.

Canadian officials remind pet owners they need documents signed by a veterinarian, showing dogs and cats have had rabies shots in the last three years.

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