A Snohomish County Sheriff s Office sergeant and the owner of several latte stands was arrested Tuesday following a raid of eight latte stands in Snohomish and King counties.

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office confirmed Sergeant Darrell O'Neill, a 30-year veteran of the department, was arrested for conspiracy to promote prostitution and official misconduct. Sgt. O'Neill was placed on paid administrative leave following his arrest and his law enforcement authority was suspended.

Everett police say the investigation into O'Neill on behalf of the sheriff's office is what led to the raids. That included video surveillance, in-person undercover surveillance and interviews with witnesses.

Police say O'Neill tipped off the stands' owner, Carmela Ann Panico of Snohomish County, to police investigations. Panico was also arrested on Tuesday for permitting and promoting prostitution to the second degree.

Everett Police Department spokesman Aaron Snell confirmed six of the stands raided were located in Everett and one in Kent. Most of the stands were along Highway 99 in South Everett; there was also one inLynnwood and one in Edmonds. Store names hit in the barista stand raid included Java Juggs and Twin Peaks.

According the Snohomish County Sheriff'sOffice, a local law enforcement agency notified them of possible criminal activities conducted by a sheriff's officer. The sheriff's office immediately contacted Everett police and requested a criminal investigation.

An internal investigation will begin on the alleged activities of Sgt. O'Neill once the criminal investigation is completed by Everett police detectives.

More to follow.

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