A new book takes a savory and sweet approach to world history. A HISTORY OF FOOD IN 100 RECIPES is filled with glimpses of the different centuries and the foods that were popular at the time. Author William Sitwell is a food writer, author and television host. He joined Suzie and Jim to give us a food history lesson - and prepare a simple mussels dish from the year 1440.

Here's how the recipe appeared in the original text that William discovered (page 58 in the book):

Muscules in shelle (Mussells in white wine sauce)

Take and pike faire musculis, And cast hem in a potte; and caste hem to, myced oynons, And a good quantite of peper and wyne, And a lite vynegre; And assone as thei bigynnet to gape, take hem from pe fire, and serue hit forthe with the same brot in a diss al hote. (From: Boke of Kokery, author unknown)

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