DESMOINES, Wash. -- It could be a while before investigators can determine what sparked a two-alarm apartment fire in Des Moines Monday morning.

The remnants of the 18-unit building of the Sea Fox Apartment complex are still too dangerous for crews to enter.

The fire was first reported around 3:30 a.m. South King Fire and Rescue said the fire quickly spread to the attic and caused the roof to collapse in several parts of the building.

All 65 tennants were able to escape. Two men had to jump from the third floor.

They jumped down to my balcony, said George Mondragon. From there, they tossed the kids down and I caught them on the bottom. They all got out because the fire was at the front door. \

One of the men who jumped suffered a minor cut to his foot. No one else was injured.

Fire officials said a new fire alarm system installed two months ago warned residents and gave them enough time to escape.

The Red Cross has set up a shelter to help the fire victims.

Only one building in the complex was damaged by the fire.

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