The day Hostess closed its doors, cake lovers everywhere mourned the loss of Ding Dongs. Now Michael King is in Ballard with one woman who has revived them with her Bling Blings.

Autumn Martin is a chef who makes her own caramel. She used to be the pastry chef at Canlis and was the original chocolatier at Theo.

Despite her refined tastes, she has wanted to recreate the Ding Dong for years. She calls her version the Bling Bling.

It's an elevated Ding Dong. It's fun, it's gold, it's shimmery, said Martin.

Bling Blings are only the beginning of what she offers at Hot Cakes.

Their signature is the molten cake, which can be enjoyed in the restaurant or baked at home. There's nearly an entire Theo chocolate bar in each cake.

It's like a grilled cheese, but with chocolate ganache in the center, Martin said. And we thought 'well, we'll just serve it with caramel sauce on the side. What the heck?!'

They also smoke their own chocolate and claim to have Seattle's smallest full bar. You can even order butter beer. It's made with apple cider, butter sauce and ginger -- served with or without sparkling wine.

Like everything else at the eatery, it's selling like hot cakes.

Hot Cakes is open late so you can get your sweet fix until 10 p.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends. Store website:

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