As Seattle gets its tiny taste of Hollywood at the opening night of the Seattle International Film Festival Thursday night, some of the less experience filmmakers took it all in.

I can't believe I'm here, said Vinny Dom. The 23 year old from Federal Way is co-producer of the movie The Otherside.

In a city known more for the genesis of grunge, the documentary focuses on Seattle's hip-hop scene. The movie features many artists, and focuses on double platinum rapper Macklemore's rise to fame.

The hip-hop scene in Seattle existed before grunge, even with grunge, playing in the same clubs, said Dom.

Dom's partner is another kid from Federal Way whose name many will recognize: Olympic bronze medalist J.R Celski.

In an interview with KING5 in 2010, Celski shared clips of the same documentary he was working on back then. They included footage of Macklemore before he became world famous.

It's been a life changing experience working with artists I look up to, said Celski. And working with cameras I've never worked with before. See what these guys can do is amazing.

Dom said watching Macklemore succeed was inspiring.

See him really take off, it was just, wow, we need to finish this movie, said Dom. People need to see this.

The Otherside will premiere at SIFFon May 31st at 7 p.m. at the Uptown Cinema in Seattle.

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