As the sun shines, many of us would love to spruce up and brighten the rooms in our house. Monica Del Guidice is back to show us how easy it is to lighten up a home and change the look of a room without breaking your wallet.

As the outdoors come to life, make sure to reflect the change of the seasons inside your home as well. Use textiles to lighten and brighten your space. Reinventing the space around you can inspire a fresh perspective in all parts of your life.

Go from having Fall/Winter chairs to Spring chairs with easy clip covers. But if you don t want to change slip cover sofa (or slip covers are not an option) you can dramatically change the look of your room with the change of textiles.

Updating your curtains, rugs, pillows, and throws can instantly change the look of your home. You can even change the style of your room! These room makeovers happened with a small amount of money and effort. You don t have to move or change your couch and table, for around $200 you can dramatically change the look of your room!

To lightening up your bedroom for spring, swap cozy comforters for airy bedspreads or lighter comforters to keep cool and comfortable in spring weather.

Now that you have refreshed your home for spring it is important to store the items away for next year, we like the Dimpa storage bags, they are large and will keep all of the dust away.

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In addition to the tips that Monica shared, you can also visit the IKEA photo sharing site IKEA Share Space for additional ideas and inspiration.

Also, the IKEA Kitchen event is going on now until 4/28 where you can save up to 20% on your dream kitchen!

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