Tom Curren has tackeld some of the toughest waves with amazing strength and grace, and is truly one of surfing's top icons. This former World Champion Surfer has won dozens of titles and has a string of videos from the 1980's that can be now found on YouTube.

These days, Tom still competes, but he's also riding a different wave, jamming on stage with his unique voice and rolk-folk vibe. His new album In Plain View has been getting a lot of great buzz. We were so excited to have him visit New Day and perform his new single Summerland Road .

Tom will perform TONIGHT at the Moore Theater in Seattle, opening for British singer/songwriter Ben Howard. The show begins at 7:30pm.

For more information about Tom Curren, visit his website:

Follow Tom on twitter @currenspam or Facebook

Here's a look at Tom's tour schedule:

April 18 - 7:30pm - The Moore Theatre, Seattle (opening for Ben Howard)

April 19 - 7:30pm - Backspace Cafe, Portland (Headlining)

April 23 - 8:00pm - The Mint, Los Angeles (Headlining)

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