A police officer was shot Wednesday during the raid of a wanted man's Hoquiam home.

The officer was not seriously injured.

The suspected shooter then held officers at bay into the evening after the man fired shots at a State Patrol armored vehicle.

The Sheriff's Office says on Tuesday, Hoquiam Police were told that a man and woman wanted out of Sacramento on felony fraud warrants might be at a location in Hoquiam.

When police went to the home they found the woman with a man they now believe presented a fake ID. The woman was arrested.

Police determined that the wanted man was the man they had spoken with Tuesday. When they went to the home in the 2800 block of Aberdeen Ave. Wednesday morning, shots were fired.

Shots from inside the home went across the street into an apartment unit. One lodged in between a double-pane window and another slammed into a wall about three feet above Jake Hagera's bed.

Two adults and their children were in the apartment at the time.

I'm just glad I was out and up and not in the bed at the time, said Hagera.

For hours, with the house surrounded by police from Hoquiam and neighboring areas, negotiators tried to talk the man out.

Police had him trapped on the second floor while SWAT members were below him.

Police say the suspect fired at a robotic camera that approached the home.

Around 4:30 in the afternoon, after SWATmembers fired gas into the home, the man fired several shots at the armored vehicle.

The man had been in contact with police throughout the afternoon, but a spokesperson said they were not able to reach him after he fired at the State Patrol's vehicle.

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