OFF CAPE CANAVERAL -- After three weeks at sea, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' expedition recovered two mammoth rocket engines that he believes boosted Apollo astronauts to the moon.

The vessel Seabed Worker is chugging toward Cape Canaveral with two F-1 engines plucked by remote controlled vehicles off the ocean floor three miles below. On the Bezos Expeditions website, Bezos says he wants the hardware to tell its true story, including the five thousand mile per hour re-entry.

We're excited to get this hardware on display where just maybe, it will inspire something amazing, he wrote.

Bezos described how the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969 fascinated him as a five-year old. Each of the five F-1 engines on the Saturn V rocket produced 1.5 million pounds of thrust and burned 6,000 pounds of rocket fuel every second. After burning a few minutes, they separated from the module and plunged back to Earth, as planned. A few days later, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

The engines are the property of NASA, which congratulated Bezos on his efforts. On his website, Bezos said serial numbers will have to be checked to confirm these engines were part of the Apollo 11 mission. He said he would like one of them to be displayed at the Smithsonian for all to see. He said he has already asked NASAto consider displaying another one at Seattle's Museum of Flight. He said he hopes the displays will inspire a few more youth to invent and explore.

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