Today we want to help you manage and organize your busy life.

As a working parent, balancing a career and home life means you re often trying to juggle a lot of balls at once. lt s a challenge just keeping up with one schedule, but add to that a family and it s inevitable you ll drop a ball or two.

So we thought who better to ask for advice than two Seattle business owners who are working to strike a balance while managing a busy home life.

I have left my kids at school during early dismissal days, said Jane Park, Seattle mom and CEO of Julep. There is a lot - keeping all the pieces together is tough. When you have those moments, just realize everyone has them.

Any working mom business owner is constantly busy being a mom, being a business owner and you're doing well and the balls get dropped, said Robin Rucinsky, Renton mom and owner of Thrive Advertising.

A free app and website based in Seattle called Cozi can help. Cozi helps you manage your busy family calendar. It also keeps track of everything from school schedules to sports activities, meals, grocery lists and chores all in one place.

Jane says keeping one calendar merging work and family is how she s found the best work life flow.

I have realized that the only way to maintain balance in my life is to put it all together in one calendar because that's how I live, said Jane. There is only one me, not two me s.

Robin, meanwhile, uses Google apps to simplify.

I do use Google apps, which helps me quite a bit, said Robin. It helps me keep my email in one place, documents in a drive, iPad and iPhone be all connected.

Jane offers one last piece of advice.

It's really important when you are juggling a lot of things to give yourself permission to drop the ball, said Jane. I probably say I have more balls dropped than anyone else I know, but I have more balls in the air.

We asked viewers their favorite ways to organize and here s what they shared:

Now that we re all organized when it comes to family and work, what about trying to schedule friends events. Are you planning a wedding? Have you been invited to one? Let us know on our Facebook page what websites you're using to plan and save money. We ll tackle that topic on our next Connect with Jenni Hogan on Thursday.

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