SEATTLE -- Mayor Mike McGinn and City Attorney Pete Holmes are receiving feed back on their job performance from potential voters.

In an exclusive poll for King 5, SurveyUSA finds 37% approve of the job Mayor McGinn is doing, 43% disapprove, and 19% are not sure.

When it comes to City Attorney Holmes, 34% approve of the job he is doing, 18% disapprove, and 48% are not sure.

Nearly 650 voters were interviewed between Monday, March 4 and Thursday, March 7. The poll has a margin of error of 3.9%.

I feel really good about those numbers. The city attorney job is one that has flown below the radar forever, said Seattle City Attorney Holmes.

But not lately. In a recent memo and letter, the mayor's office claimed the city attorney went behind the Mayor McGinn'sback on negotiations with the U.S. Department of Justice over reform within the Seattle Police Department.

That letter that was put out alleged serious transgressions by me, professional transgressions, legal ethics breaches, and violation of privileged communication, said Holmes. None of that happened. None of that is true.

Holmes has asked publicly that the mayor withdraw the letter, or he said he would be forced to spend time and resources responding to it. On Thursday, Mayor McGinn did not back down.

It was an accurate depiction of what has occurred to date in that it's the truth, said Mayor McGinn. It is what it is.

Republican political strategist Randy Pepple sees trouble ahead for McGinn when it comes to the mayor's race.

To pick a fight with the city attorney, who in this poll it shows not that many people know, is not a great strategy, said Pepple.

Mayor McGinn and City Attorney Holmes agreed their strategy for now is to come together to try and find a united front on police reform before a meeting with a federal judge on Tuesday.
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