One of the teenagers convicted in the 2008 killing of the Tuba Man has pleaded guilty on a unrelated charge of possession of a firearm.

The Seattle Times reports that Billy Chambers, 20, could serve six years in federal prison.

In October, King County sheriff's deputies stopped Chambers after someone reported he had stolen items out of another vehicle. Deputies found an assault rifle in the trunk of the car.

Under federal firearms law, Chambers, a convicted felon, cannot be in the vicinity of weapons, according to the Seattle Times. Being in the car with a firearm put him constructive possession of the weapon based on federal law.

By agreeing to a plea deal, Chambers will be incarcerated out-of-state and subject to three years of supervised release when he gets out.

Ed Tuba Man McMichael, known for playing his tuba outside Seattle sporting events, was killed in October 2008 at the age of 53. Chambers and two other 15-year-olds pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter. They weren't charged as adults because of their age.

Chambers, Ja mari Alexander Jones, and Kenneth Kelly served just 36 weeks in juvenile detention before they were released.

All three men have had run-ins with the law since 2008. In March 2012, Kelly was arrested for allegedly possessing a gun. Jones has been charged in the 2012 Christmas Eve shooting death of a man at Bellevue s Munchbar. Chambers has been arrested multiple times as well, including for robbery and disturbance on a Metro bus.

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