Snohomish County Council members are considering launching an investigation to find out whether staff members of Count Executive Aaron Reardon are behind a series of online attacks and anonymous public records request aimed at harassing and monitoring Reardon's political rivals, reports The Everett Herald.

Whoever is behind the scheme created an elaborate digital maze to obscure their identities, says the Herald. Certain clues point to two members of Reardon's staff: his assistant Jon Rudicil and Kevin Hulten, who reportedly has a history of digging up dirt to support his boss.

Last summer, an anonymous online assault targeted Anne Block, a political attorney from Gold Bar, who was trying to schedule a recall vote on Reardon. After she requested county records into Hulten's work, somebody created a Wikipedia page targeting her, which was pulled down for being an attack page. According to records, the person who launched the Wikipedia page was simultaneously developing a glowing online biography of Reardon.

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