Today is not only Valentine's Day, it's also National Donor Day , and I don't think we can emphasize enough what an amazing gift it is to give - or get - a second chance at life because of an organ donation. Kellen Roberts was a healthy 22-year-old young man from West Seattle when his life was cut short in 2005. Halfway across the country, Connor Rabinowitz, a 17-year-old aspiring baseball player lay in a Minnesota hospital being kept alive by a mechanical heart, awaiting a transplant. At the time, no one knew that these two lives would intersect and forever be bonded in more ways than one.

After undergoing a successful surgery, Connor and his family formed a relationship with the Roberts, the young donor's family, and after years of phone calls, letters and visits, Connor and his heart donor's sister, Erin, fell in love.

Last year, Connor moved to Seattle to be closer to Erin and today is the first Valentine's Day that they're together in the same city. Connor and Erin are here to share their incredible story and to honor Kellen's life.

To understand more about the donation process, click HERE for the official LifeCenter Northwest website.

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