Today's guest panel is Jackie & Bender from KISS 106.1 and our New Day audience coordinator, Suzie Wiley. They weigh in on many topics from a supercomputer in the fight against cancer, renting a boyfriend, and more!

You can listen to Jackie and Bender every Monday through Friday from 6:00am-10:00am on KISS 106.1fm.
They're also gearing up for their 12th annual One Big Kiss for Children's Hospital radio-thon in a couple of weeks so make sure to listen and donate.

Here's a list of the stories we discussed in today's Hot Topics segment (click on each title to read the corresponding story):

Doctors seek help on cancer treatment from IBM supercomputer

Chinese Relatives pressuring you to marry? Try Rent-a-Boyfriend

Debate Ignites over Beckham's fake butt

You're not invited Wedding trend

Male soldiers in Germany are growing breasts

Pope Benedict XVI resigns

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