A Parkland woman is outraged after two pit bulls snuck into her yard and mauled her dog. According to Deb Stoltenberg, the worst part is the pit bull owner isn t being held accountable.

Witnesses saw the pit bulls throwing Bubbles, Stoltenberg s 12-year-old chow/German Shepherd mix, around like a rag doll.

With vet bills at $1,700 and counting, Stoltenberg claims the owner of the attacking dogs hasn t paid a dime and the animals are still living next door.

(It s) extremely emotional and nightmarish, said Stoltenberg.

She says Bubbles is physically and emotionally different after the attack.

This is not my dog, my dog, she said.

Ramal Mapp, a neighbor, saw the two pitbulls attack Bubbles. According to Mapp, one sunk its teeth into her neck, the other into her leg.

There was blood all on her face, gashes of blood all over her body, said Mapp. I thought Debbie s dog was dead.

Animal Control officers didn t deem the pit bulls vicious and returned them the next day to their owners.

In the incident report, Stoltenberg says an infraction wasn t issued because the owner told an officer she was willing to take responsibility for the attack.

She says that hasn t been the case. The pit bulls are still allowed out in the yard and the owner refuses to help with medical expenses.

Basically saying in so many words to my face, 'too bad old lady, there s nothing you can do,' said Stoltenberg.

Neighbors are concerned too.

If it can happen to Debbie, it can happen to anyone. I just want to make sure it doesn t happen to a human being, said Lamar Mapp.

KING 5 news spoke with the owner and confirmed her dogs were responsible for the attack, but didn t give further comment.

Stoltenberg plans to seek civil action to make her pay for the amounting medical bills.

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