On Monday, city councils in Auburn and Pacific will meet to discuss and possibly vote on allowing the trouble city of Pacific to dissolve and become part of Auburn.

In Pacific, the idea is causing some concern -- and relief.

Residents at the senior center in have watched their town be torn apart.

A lot of heartache, said Maggie Gustafson.

Many point the finger at their newly elected mayor, Cy Sun.

I don't know how much one person can cause so much chaos in such a short time, said Gustafson.

And with the city losing its insurance, soon it may cease to be a city at all.

It's going to be a sad thing if that happens, said Yolanda Williams, a resident who likes Pacific s small town feel.

Now the town s much larger neighbor to the northeast is extending a hand.

On Friday, Auburn Mayor Pete Lewis held a teleconference with his fellow council members on the decision facing them next week. He has asked the city s department heads to report at Monday s council meeting the feasibility of annexation.

While there is no financial for gain for Auburn to take in its neighbor of 6,600, Lewis says with shared roads and commerce, there is a vested interest.

Literally we are joined at the hip, so what affects one city affects the other, said Lewis.

PACIFIC, Wash. -- Lewis said Auburn s budget is so tight, that it could not consider annexation if poses any cost to his city.

On Friday, there was still no comment from Pacific Mayor Cy Sun.

The Pacific City Council president said at least it s an option, even though it could mean a higher property tax for Pacific residents.

There's a relief that we have something to offer the citizens that's viable solution, said Leanne Guier. But the other side, it's heartbreaking and devastating, that this is the end of Pacific - really?

The Pacific City Council is expected to approve annexation as a last resort this Monday. They ve moved the meeting to the gym at city hall, anticipating a large attendance.

Then the ball would be in Auburn's court. While the council could vote on a letter of intent Monday night, they expect to cast votes on annexation on December 17th.

As required by law, time would be allowed for citizens of Pacific to petition against annexation. According to both cities, the petition would need to be signed by property owners who own more than 60 percent of the assessed value of the entire city.

Pacific could become part of Auburn on January 17 at the earliest.

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