Late Monday afternoon, Seattle Public Utilities said the rain that hit the city was, an extraordinary rain event.

The city operates 17 rain gauges, and recorded just under two inches in the northwest part of the city in just six hours. The Crown Hill rain gauge recorded 2.62 inches in 12 hours.

That kind of rain intensity matches what we saw in the northern part of the city. Dan Garretson is one of the ground floor renters. When he work up about 7 a.m. to go check out the creek, he put his feet down into about two inches of water, which rose to about 4 to 5 inches.

Once we realized what was going on, we started getting cans and putting everything up on the cans, he said.

The carpet is soaked, the building s owner says the apartment will need to be fixed. Garretson expects to be out of his place for about a month.

In northeast Seattle across from Nathan Hale High School, Steve Grossman is frustrated with the City of Seattle. He purchased his property during the August drought. Now he s finding out what the wettest month can do. The culvert under his driveway can t do much.

And they said because Thornton Creek is overflowing... this isn t going anywhere, he said.

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