MUKILTEO, Wash. -- A flooded parking lot looked bad enough until Mark Thomas showed up to claim his brand new car. Just 6 days off the dealer's lot, is it going back on the back of a tow truck.

It's completely saturated, Thomas said, I loved the car. I thought it was awesome.

My car is soaked, Joanie Gradom said of her soaked sedan. Carpet, trunk, everything.

They say lightning doesn't strike twice - but no one ever said anything about flooding.

Yeah this happened a year ago almost the same time when we had really high tide and lots of rain, said Grado

That's exactly what happened in Mukilteo. The day long deluge combined with an unusually high tide meant the drainage system just couldn't handle the water.

By late evening Monday a break in the steady rain allowed for the water to start receding giving people a chance to try and start drying out.
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