One year ago this week, 2-year-old Sky Metalwala disappeared. On Saturday, friends and supporters of his family gathered to remind the community they are not giving up hope.

The little boy has been missing since November 6, 2011.

Sky has been missing since his mother - Julia Biryukova - says she ran out of gas at the side of a Bellevue road, left her car, and then says she came back to find Sky missing.

The boy's pictures were prominently displayed around Redmond's Central Park on Saturday.

It's been 369 days, and as a reference to that, friends and family released 369 balloons into the air over Redmond, where Sky was living with his mother

And his father, Solomon Metalwala, says he just hopes events like this one continue to keep attention on his missing son.

I just want my son home, and thank you for taking care of him, but he belongs at home with us, he said.

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