Supporters of Gay Marriage declared victory Wednesday afternoon, even before the latest votes were counted.

Zach Silk, Washington United for Marriage campaign manager, says the more they crunched the numbers Wednesday morning, the better they looked.

We went from being extremely optimistic last night to fully confident today, he said.

At the Reject R74 headquarters in Lynnwood, volunteers were packing up after a long campaign, but they are by no means giving up.

That would not mean folks who believe in tradional marriage would stop their work, said Chip White with Preserve Marriage Washington, who concedes the numbers don't look good.

It would be a sad day for Washington, he said.

But he doesn't feel gay marriage victories in our state and three others would be proof of any deep social change either.

All that says is in deep blue states gay marriage activists can win barely, he said.

And White points to federal law, which still does not recognize gay marriage. Passage of R74 would only the first step. But it is supported by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The 9th Circuit says once marriage has been redefined to mean homosexual marriage that that can never be changed, that voters don't get a chance to change their minds, explains White.

So what's next? White is waiting for all the votes to be counted. And waiting on the high court to weigh in.

The US Supreme Court is expected to decide whether it will take up the same sex marriage issue before the end of the year.

If R74 is certified, wedding could start happening on December 9.

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