We re starting to get a sense of how Washington State counties followed and broke with tradition as the final ballots are counted.

In the race for governor, there may not be a winner yet, but it s following a trend commonly seen in Washington politics. The state's 39 counties break heavily for Rob McKenna, with every county east of the mountains supporting him and plenty of other counties on the west side as well. In all, Jay Inslee won only eight counties to McKenna s 31, but for now that s giving him the lead.

Referendum 74 has a similar breakdown as the state decided whether to uphold same sex marriage. County by county 31 wanted to reject it, but not the same 31 that voted for McKenna. Eight counties, some different than those supporting Inslee, lead the way to approving R-74.

The Cascades are often considered both a geographic and political divide for Washington State, but when it came to legalizing marijuana, the state broke with tradition. The supporters of Initiative 502 were made up of 20 different counties in all corners of the state. Supporters believe this large support will be the start of a global trend.

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