He calls himself a sports nut, but no fan of public financing.

I'm a big sports fan, and interested in urban spending priorities, and it brought those things together, says Neil deMause, of his book Field of Schemes.

This is when the Yankees were talking about moving the Yankees to Manhattan, says deMause, as he sips tea in a Brooklyn restaurant.

I'm not a fan of funding that ballpark, says the now Mets fan on the New Yankee Stadium. His anger, turned into a passion, and his accompanying blog chronicles the sometimes daily drama involving public stadium proposals.

His fans include Seattle City Councilman Nick Licata, who cited deMause in casting his no vote on the Seattle Arena proposal, and King County Council Vice Chair Jane Hague who voted to approve the deal. Even investor Chris Hansen quoted deMause's opinion.

Hopefully, it means I've done a good job analyzing it, he says.

So what does he think about the finalized Seattle Arena plan?

This isn't a perfect deal, but it's a pretty good deal, says deMause.

This is certainly better than what other cities are doing, including here in Brooklyn. This is a hundred times better than anything built before the Sonics left, certainly a hundred times better than Safeco, and before other buildings including the Kingdome.

However, he says, despite the praise, his only concern is how much capital Hansen and his investors should use to bring the Sonics back to Seattle.

It's so much money that (Hansen) is putting in, I'm not sure how he gets an NBA team in there as well. It's not impossible for him to pull it off, but a challenge.

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