With so much focus on Amanda Knox, at times Raffaele Sollecito has seemed almost forgotten. Described as the quiet Italian boyfriend, he was overshadowed by Knox during the murder trials.

But now it's Sollecito who's out front-and-center with a new memoir -- Honor Bound -- while Knox has virtually disappeared from sight.

Seattle author Candace Dempsey thought she had a good sense of Sollecito until she met him.

My impression was softer, I would say. Raffaele in particular was very warm and outgoing and I didn't think of him in court that way at all, said Dempsey.

Dempsey traveled to Italy to write her book about Sollecito and Amanda Knox, the two young lovers accused of viciously murdering a British student in the college town of Perugia. Dempsey's book, Murder in Italy, detailed a lack of evidence and made the case for the pair's innocence.

She didn't know Sollecito had read her book until after he and Amanda were acquitted on appeal. Last March, he invited her to a small party of his Seattle supporters.

What Sollecito wants people to know

There were things he wanted each of us to know, and for me it was that he supported Amanda. He thought that was really important for everyone to know that he was really proud of himself for not throwing her under the bus, said Dempsey.

Dempsey says that's why Sollecito titled his book Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox.

She also learned Sollecito has an affinity for Seattle.

He actually seems like a natural Seattleite, he's from a coastal city, so he likes the views, all the beautiful water and he said he found that really soothing and it felt like home to him, said Dempsey.

Dempsey says Seattle is perfect for Sollecito, who has a computer science degree and wants to be a video game designer. But there is that little issue of Seattle's rain.

What I've discovered with most Italians is they like to be farther south where there is more sun, so I could just as easily see him being a Silicon Valley guy, she said.

Sollecito appears to be reveling in his new found freedom by traveling in the U.S. and posting photos on Facebook. Now he s the outgoing one, and Knox the quiet recluse.

What happened to Amanda Knox?

Knox did return to school at the University of Washington for winter quarter. But she didn't come back in the spring. After signing her $4 million book deal, family and friends say she wanted to pour her energy into writing it. It s not expected to be out until next year.

If Sollecito's book is any indication, Knox's will be the story of her personal hell including how she survived and is re-establishing herself in a strange land that was once home.

MORE: Sollecito will be in Seattle next week to promote his book and will be interviewed by KING 5 News at the University of Washington. Get more information about the event online.

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