Many people live with what they call stiff joints, but they're actually suffering from inflammation. There are several possible causes and the doctors at Longevity Medical Clinic are taking a different approach to treat not just the pain but the causes - and helping each patient feel better from the inside out.

Dr. Jerry Mixon joined Margaret to talk more about the causes of inflammation, as well as the illnesses it can contribute to, and the Longevity Medical Clinic's treatment approach.

For more information about Longevity Medical Clinic, please click here. You can also call them: 866-86-YOUNG (866-869-6864)

Last week, Dr. Mixon talked about their approach to reversing the effects of Type 2 Diabetes. To watch that segment, please click here.

You can also attend two of their Cure Diabetes Seminars:

Tonight (Tuesday, September 18) at 7:07pm at Tacoma Convention Center

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, September 19) at 7:07pm at Lynnwood Convention Center

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