The Wenatchee Complex Fire has grown stronger in some areas, including near Tripp Canyon, so the strategy for firefighters is structure protection.

Crews are back burning, taking away any source of fuel from the fire.

Jeff and Jillian Smith say their family is ready to leave their home at any moment.

I packed a bag for each of the kids clothes and their favorite things, said Jillian.

This fire brings back painful memories. The family lost their home to a fire two years ago.

Before, we barely made it out of the house and had no warning, at least this you've got some warning, said Jeff.

Sunny skies are proving crucial for air support, grounded the last several days because of poor visibility. Guidance from above allows ground crews to more effectively fight flames.

The wind is going to push the fire in ways we don't care to see, said Jeff Mueller, Fire Command Center.

It happens to be Jeff's birthday, and as his family watch flames approach their home, he has one wish.

I told my kids this morning, they asked me what I want for my birthday, I said not for my house to burn down, he said.

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