Two people were hurt in a shooting at a Gig Harbor market on Saturday.

The Pierce County Sheriff s Department says a woman walked into the store at Lake Kathryn Village shopping center and shot two people.

Before police flooded the store parking lot, Peggy Ensor was sitting outside the local food mart selling raffle tickets.

I asked her if she wanted to buy a ticket, she was very calm and she said no not today and she went into the store, said Ensor.

She says moments later, that woman's demeanor completely changed.

She was in there screaming and hollering ... I couldn't hear what she was saying ... but the next thing I knew she threw her arms up, and pop, pop, pop and the next thing I know there was two men down, said Ensor.

The woman fired number of shots, two striking two people. A 76-year-old man was shot in the leg, and a man in his 30s was shot in the abdomen.

Two of the citizens here courageously, in my opinion, stepped forward and threw this young woman to the ground and literally sat on her to control her, said Sheriff Paul Pastor.

The two victims are expected to survive.

We believe at this time this was a random shooting situation, said Pastor.

A witness said the woman was targeting men because of something that had happened to her in the past.

Police say the suspect has no criminal history but they believe there is a mental health history.

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