Jody Hall, the owner of Seattle's Cupcake Royale, is a big backer of gay marriage, so much so that she began raising money for the campaign to legalize it in Washington state.

Her six stores raised $7,000 in June by selling a special cupcake, with the funds intended for the campaign in support of R-74, a ballot initiative to ratify the state legislature's decision earlier this year to legalize same-sex marriage.

But raising money for political campaigns comes with complications. Hall was advised to set up a Political Action Committee, or PAC.

To date, supporters of gay marriage have raised more than $2 million for their campaign.

Opponents demonstrated their grassroots supoprt when they collected enough signatures this spring to get R-74 on the ballot. But so far they haven't raised much money.

We had 250,000 people -- a record number of people -- sign the petition to get R-74 ont he ballot and we are counting on those folks to grow, to find the money, to find the volunteers. We're looking for a four million dollar budget. We expect that we will get that in time by the end of the campaign, said Chris Plante of Preserve Marriage Washington.

R-74 is just one of several initiatives Washington voters will see on the ballot in the fall. A campaign to legalize marijuana in the state has already spent about $1.5 million, and anti-tax activist Tim Eyman has raised nearly $1 million to renew an initiative requiring a two-thirds vote in the legislature to raise taxes.

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