Residents on Seattle's Capitol Hill are concerned about how noisy will the new light rail trains be when they are running under their homes.

Sound Transit is building light rail tunnels between Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium.

Julie Peterson's home sits slightly over the Capitol Hill tunnel.

This old house is over a hundred years old and did survive the Nisqually, she said.

In fact, trains will run under some of Seattle's most expensive mansions near Volunteer Park.

Last year, when the tunnel was being bored, Montlake residents complained about the noise and vibrations of the supply trains used to move rock and construction equipment. It became known as the Montlake Murmur.

Will the passenger trains make the same kind of ruckus? Sound Transit says the rails for passenger trains will be substantially quieter.

We think it will be anywhere between 20 and 25 decibels lower than what we experienced during construction, said Bruce Gray of Sound Transit.

Passenger service will be coming to Capitol Hill in four years, with a train at peak every six minutes.

Will the underground noise be heard?

Will Sumner lives right below the already running Beacon Hill line.

We've never heard anything. No noise. No rumbling, he said.

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