SEATTLE -- For the last week, Raymond Meuse and his family have been at his son's bedside.

We're at the point now where we can talk without breaking down, said Raymond Meuse.

Leonard Meuse, the only person to survive being shot at the Cafe Racer last week, has been through two surgeries for a .45 caliber slug that tore through his abdomen and another through his jaw.

Obviously, he's going to need a lot of dental work, said his father.

Raymond Meuse says his 46-year-old son clearly remembers the shooting, and calling 911 and the cafe's owner as he lay injured on the floor.

It wasn't until after the latest surgery that Leonard was cognizant enough to ask about his friends at the cafe.

We, of course, had to tell him that they were all killed, said Meuse. He took that pretty hard and then he asked, 'What about the killer?' And I told him he committed suicide. And the only comment he said was, 'Good.'

From there, Leonard has made a miraculous recovery, taking his first walk around the 7th floor of the hospital Thursday.

He could sit up yesterday and talk, but it was kind of slurred, said his father. Today it was normal talk, that much of a difference, and he was eating - well enough to complain about the food. It's a good sign!

Leonard Meuse is a trained pastry chef who also has a love for motorcycles. His father says he fits right into the eclectic crowd at Cafe Racer. His father says he plans to return to work as soon as he can.

Doctors tell the family Meuse could be released from the hospital in a few days.

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